Herbal Oils Benefits: Tame Anxiety & Tension

Our Skin, the boundary between our inner and outer worlds, is packed with nerve endings. And the nervous system has a deep influence over how we perceive and respond to the world around us every day If we nourish our body system by oiling our lipid-loving skin, we increase resiliency in periods of anxiety and tension. In addition, the act of massaging oil into the skin promotes relaxation and reduces stress. And depending on the oil, the scent and compounds in it may also increase the calming effect on the mind and body. Let take Lavender Oil as an Example: Lavender Herbal Oil has been known to have anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, calming benefits. Imagine you have trouble sleeping at night! If you apply Lavender Herbal Oil on your Feet, your body will calm and help you have a good and restful sleep

Lavender Herbal Oil: to Improve Quality of Sleep and Overall Wellbeing
St. John's Wort Herbal Healing Oil, (30 ml)
Arnica Herbal Healing Oil

Restful Sleep & Support Immunity

Applying and massaging the oil onto the skin can help to stimulate circulation and move lymphatic fluid, supporting the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Because the lymphatic system is part of the immune system – filtering viruses, bacteria, and fungi from the body – when we support our lymph, we also support overall immunity. In addition, oiling puts the body in a relaxed, parasympathetic state, fostering the processes of rest, digestion, and repair.

You’re probably beginning to see how all of these body oiling benefits are intertwined. The same relaxing effects of herbal body oiling that bring the nervous system into balance and support immunity can also ready our bodies for nighttime rest, allowing us to transition more quickly into deep and restorative sleep and bring your body into a regular routine.

Lavender Oil
Peppermint Oil
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